Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gonçalo Amaral :MADDIE - A VERDADE DA MENTIRA - Still Unavailable.

Autor: AMARAL, Gonçalo
Género: Não Ficção
Ano de Edição: 2008
Formato: 15x23cm
Nº de Páginas: 215
Peso: 300g
ISBN: 978-989-8174-12-3

"[...] This book has a greater purpose. The contribute to the discovery of material truth and the realization of justice in the investigation known as "Maddie case". These are fundamental values ​​to which I am forced by the imperative of conscience, conviction and discipline to the institution to which I was proud to belong. These same values ​​are not extinguished with my retirement and will continue to be present in my life. Under no circumstances should the book calls into question the work of my colleagues in the Judicial Police, or compromise the ongoing investigation. It is my deep understanding that the disclosure in a work of this kind, of all the facts, could compromise future efforts to determine the discovery of truth. However, the reader will find data that unknown, interpretations of the facts - always under the law - and, of course, relevant questions. A criminal investigation only committed to the pursuit of material fact. You should not worry about political correctness. "

Gonçalo Amaral