Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr.Gonçalo Amaral : "I suspect that my books were destroyed" Punishable by a prison term up to five years, which now faces the McCanns and their illustrious lawyer.

Weekly "The Crime" Thursday, March 1, 2012 (pages number 12 and 13 )

Gonçalo Amaral "I suspect that my books were destroyed"

A new source of conflict between the former PJ inspector and the McCann couple circles  the book written by Dr.Amaral. The courts overturned the injunction hanging over the work, and now the former inspector recalls his 7500 copies of "Maddie - The Truth of the Lie", whose trustee is the legal representative of  the McCann's in Portugal.

"Crime" - The Court of Appeal ruled that the books (Maddie - The Truth of the Lie) which had been seized, will be delivered. Have the books been returned?

Gonçalo Amaral - the Lisbon Court of Appeal ruled that my book and my opinions did not violate privacy rights of the couple McCann, parents of the missing child, so that the injunction was peremptorily denied.
The decision has become final?

The decision of the Court of Appeal did not accept action. Even so, the distinguished lawyer of the couple managed to delay the final judgment, which occurred in November 2011 following a decision contrary to the McCann issued by the Supreme Court of Lisbon. It has been selling "pig in a poke" and I am beginning to doubt that the McCanns are aware of the decisions of the Portuguese courts. You may continue to pay without knowing the outcome.

Question : Why were the books not returned as ordered by the Court ?

Gonçalo Amaral .I doubt that the books exist. Indeed, it is good to remember that the lawyer of the McCanns had always said that these books would never be offered for sale. Where did this come ... sure do not know. Just know that this lawyer and their clients do not comply with decisions of the courts of Portugal, which can be demonstrative of their character, or at least their way of being in the Portuguese legal system.

Let me remind you that, to suspect that such books have been destroyed, denounced the situation to the prosecutor, happening right now in DIAP Lisbon criminal proceedings for embezzlement or destruction of objects placed under the government (Article 355 C of the Penal Code), abstract punishable by a prison term up to five years, which are suspected the McCanns and their illustrious lawyer.

Question : How many copies are we talking about?

Gonçalo Amaral:They will be concerned about 7500 copies.

Question : When and if the books are returned what will you do with them ?

Gonçalo Amaral :Those books, or a new reissue, should already be in the market. The publisher "War and Peace" will know this subject.

Question: What stage is the civil case against the McCanns with you?

Goncalo Amaral : We are in pre-trial hearing. Right now, my new attorney has"Tweaked" a process that was stopped and this has caused panic in the opposing party.

Question : One of the strongest arguments for the prosecution are claims that Gonçalo Amaral made a fortune from the sales of his book, what do you have to say on this subject ?

Gonçalo Amaral : If someone wants to talk about "enrichment", first think about the parents of  the missing child and  their family and  their "staff" and support in their illustrious lawyer.
In the latter case that it was important to say how much you've earned and the prospects of earnings that still feeds, not to mention other lawyers, detective agencies and communication.

Question : Do you have any expectation for this process?

Gonçalo Amaral : The only expectation is that we will win the action, because there are no facts or matters of action. The action of the McCanns is inept. And all this causes great despair in their illustrious lawyer, who feels the need to move forward with a campaign of disinformation and defamation against me. You should not forget what has been said, because by that I will respond in court.

As you know, Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered re-evaluation of the search in England about the disappearance of Maddie. How do you assess that decision, admitting that the British hardly have access to research in Portugal?

The decision of the Prime Minister has been misrepresented.
The McCanns have spoken of a reassessment of the "sightings" of the child.

But what is known is that Scotland Yard, appointed to review all research, has put aside the pseudo-sightings focusing on the process that is filed.
The elements of Scotland Yard have been working with a research team from Porto (Porto because the Algarve and Lisbon had been involved), and what is known is that the "thing" is not going very well for the side of McCann .

Question: The Maddie case, one can say (not secret) has committed his career in PJ. What hurts you most about that?

Gonçalo Amaral : Not so! The case "Maddie" happened at a stage in my life when I was already tired of saying "yes." Only and only that.

Question : It was naive?

Gonçalo Amaral : Nothing like that. I left the Judicial Police on my initiative and head up, I worked there for almost thirty years and had a successful career and unpolluted. The detractors who try to denigrate such a career, because then we talk soon.

So far the track taken by private investigators looking for the child, even those that have become more media, have proved useful and, perhaps, have thrown up more confusion about the case. What is your opinion?

The private detectives, in general, were concerned to make up stories about the Portuguese investigators in charge of the case, or creating false sightings.
The McCanns should have the courage to disclose all reports generated by such private detectives and then we would understand how that has served the fund created to find the child .. It would be very interesting.

In fact, let me remind you of the action detective agency "Method 3". (Metodo 3 )
These gentlemen have created several sightings.
At some point, Christmas 2007, they claimed the missing child would be home that same Christmas.
At that time tried to turn the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine.
They came to "contact" a lawyer / medium to make that connection.

This character was the first person who publicly covered mediatic  and said that Madeleine was dead, and carried out searches in the Algarve dams.
And today bewildering , or maybe not, who is a distinguished lawyer of the McCanns to defend it in the process against him for defamation intentei qualified and whose crime is being prosecuted in the Court of Faro.
Now let us stop a little, recall that the McCanns say that when I expressed my opinion in the sense that the child was dead I was, according to them, undermining the search to find little Maddie .

Now I ask you and every citizen... the reason for the lawyer of the McCanns NOW defending a person who manifests himself  and has publicly expressed the idea that Madeleine is dead?

What is the reason for the "Metodo 3" contacting the lawyer / medium? Surely not to find the child alive. ?

Question: Do you still believe that someday we will know what happened,  beyond any doubt?

Gonçalo Amaral : Someone must find a solution politically correct and diplomatic.