Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tony Bennett : #McCann Libel Action - Carter Ruck In Numbers

In the libel action against Tony Bennett:

* Carter-Ruck started preparing their committal-to-prison application against Tony on 8 June 2011. It took them a further 176 days before they served their committal papers on him

* When they served the committal papers, it took two men and a limousine to do so. They travelled a total of 70 miles there and back to serve these papers

* Carter-Ruck submitted that Tony had breached his undertakings 153 times. At Court on 8 February, Mr Justice Tugendhat said that this was disproportionate and said '10 alleged breaches is more than enough'. Carter-Rick still came back with 25.

* So far Carter-Ruck have served nine bundles of Lever Arch files on Tony, totalling 4,397 pages of documents, affodavits and exhibits

* Between June 2011 and December 2011 the IP address 'Peter Carter-Ruck' visited Jill's forum on 57 occasions and spending a total of 187 hours looking for libels by Tony

* In court on 8 February, Tony represented himself. Against him in court there were five people: Senior Partner from Carter-Ruck, Adam Tudor; Partner, Isabel Hudson; a barrister, Jacob Dean, a legal assistant, and a porter to carry all their bundles of files

* Adam Tudor charges fees of £1,000 per hour. Isabel Hudson's fees are £500 per hour.

* In court, Tony had eight supporters. The McCanns had one, Justine Spencer [= 'Jayelles']. The only person who misbehaved in court was Justine Spencer, who used her mobile in court contrary to the judge's instructions.

* The Find Madeleine Fund has raised about £6 million

* Two of its lead investigators are now in prison [Antonio Gimenez Raso and Kevin Halligen].

* The amount of hard information we have about Madeleine's supposed abductor: Nil.

* The amount of hard information we have about where Madeleine might have been taken: Nil.